Significant Moments

Hello to Everyone;

Today I am writing from Wichita, Kansas. I am with my good friends Derick and Taleta Stoltz. They pastor Christ Life Ministries here in Wichita. We had a great weekend. On Friday night we gathered and released the prophetic. God was very good. We had a great prayer meeting on Saturday night. We brought promises that God has given us and made declarations to their coming to pass. It was a very effective time in the spirit. Sunday morning God gave us a great word and Sunday evening we had a healing service. We felt the presence of Holy Spirit as He touched many. God is good!

Today I want to talk about the critical moments of history. These are not often found in spectacular situations, but in the everyday moments of human lives. We matter to God and we matter to the testimony of Christ in the earth. Significant moments are easy to miss, because they are ‘moments’. Life is filled with so many ‘moments’; we often miss the significance of one in the forest of the many. Life happens a bite at a time, but each bite can easily be missed in the experience of the meal. There are so many pieces in this puzzle of life. If we don’t understand that there is a big plan we will get lost in the little pieces. Each piece is unique, but so many are similar. It is the similarity that fogs our vision to the unique. We soon forget to pay attention to the little details. We fail to realize that without the little details there cannot be a complete picture. Could it be that God speaks to us so often, we fail to recognize His voice in the song of life?

In the very birth of Jesus God revealed the significance of everyday people. He announced the news first to simple shepherds in the field who were watching their flocks by night (Lk. 2:8-20). They just happened to be watching their flocks on a night that was a pivotal moment in time for all of humanity. It was important that they were there! It was important that they received the news from the angels! It was important that they eagerly respond to the news and go to Bethlehem. What if the shepherds had been asleep? What if they just walked off the job? Who could know the significance of keeping sheep? It was a mundane, everyday, lowly thought of occupation. It was surely a job too common to have any significant importance. God does unusual things in usual moments, but we have to be fully involved in the everyday to be in the right place at the right time for the right moments of God in history. We have to be faithful in the moments of life in order to be able to respond to God in any moment of life. We must be hungry to respond to the unusual, but faithful in the usual.

What about the old man Simeon (Lk. 2:25-32). Simeon was in the temple on the eighth day when Jesus was brought to be circumcised before God. His words were critical in the destiny of heaven and earth in the testimony of Christ. God himself was lifted in the hands of a fragile old man and declared to be the salvation of men. It seems that God needed a patriarchal voice in the earth to agree with the His own Father’s voice in heaven. What if Simeon had been tired that day and just stayed home? What if he decided a fishing trip to the beach outweighed the drawing of the Holy Spirit to the temple? This was a critical moment in the history of humanity. Simeon had been to the temple many times and how was he to know that this moment would be any different that any time before. It could have been ‘just another prayer meeting’ or ‘just another service’.

Then there was Anna, an 84-year old woman who had to be there for such a day as that (Lk. 2:36-38). Her prophetic words of life were essential for the day. She was a simple woman who had been a widow for almost her entire life. She fasted and prayed in the temple. She was a prophetess who prophesied in the seasons of her life. Who would of known that Anna’s prophecies would be concerning the Messiah while beholding Him in the flesh – a baby before her eyes. Familiarity could have easily influenced the minds of those hearing that day. Perhaps their thoughts could have been; ‘It’s only Anna’. What if Anna had not been there that day?

Consider the one hundred and twenty in the upper room waiting for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They waited hungrily for ten days for the promise to come. What if they gave up on day eight or day nine? What if they left one hour before the Holy Spirit came? How essential was their number? How essential were their names? Those ten days were significant to the full ten days. Day one was as important as day ten, but it wasn’t until day ten that the Holy Spirit was given.

I’m trying to tell you that your life is essential to the critical moments of history. It is important that you live for God every moment. You don’t deserve a break because a break could put you in the wrong place at the right time. Some critical moments aren’t even recognized until they are long gone. Stir your heart today to show up for your life and live it for the glory of God. Expect Him in every moment, but never despise the moments that seem so mundane. Without the everyday there cannot be the extraordinary. Please, live your life for God and ‘be there’ for the sake of the rest of us. Your next breath is a moment to glorify God!

Blessings to you all,

Apostle Ted J. Hanson

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2 Responses to Significant Moments

  1. Zee Ellyson says:

    Awesome word! I will be passing it on as I occasional do. Tracey did well yesterday and several people came up for prayer. It continues to thrill me when God speaks, life happens and people are changed.Blessing on you today.

  2. Jan Fruits says:

    Good word!
    It was great having you here! I love hearing you preach as I always get fed and stirred up in my heart. I know your coming is a great support to Derick and Talita and to the body.
    You’re in my prayers.

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